Sumava De Lourdes "Los Pinos" - Costa Rica (Short-Term/Single Origin)

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What a time to be a Sumava fan! Farmer, exporter and one of our most visible Direct Trade partners Francisco Mena kicks off 2021 with a sweet and warming offering in Lot Los Pinos.

If you’ve enjoyed the complexity and creaminess of ‘Kinkajou’ released late last year, Los Pinos will find its place in your heart, and on your coffee bar. As a testament to Francisco’s care and consistency, there are similarities between these two Sumava coffees, including growing altitude and processing methods. However there are distinct variables that jointly make Los Pinos a slightly more adventurous cup. The most obvious being the varietal. Los Pinos is a 100% Villa Sarchi which is a natural mutation of Bourbon that was originally discovered in Costa Rica. It’s known for being a much smaller coffee plant which helps it adapt to growing at higher altitude where conditions can be tough.

What makes Los Pinos special, like all coffees from Sumava, is Francisco’s impeccable processing skills. Black honey is a very difficult, labour intensive and time consuming processing method. It also happens to be Francisco's favourite. By depulping, keeping the mucilage intact and slowly drying on raised beds, this coffee has developed immensely sweet and robust flavours.

Another remarkable lot from one of Costa Rica’s finest that will keep you satisfied during these cold, winter months. Enjoy!