Rancho Dantes - Brazil

Producer Antonio Deloi de Moura and his wife worked their entire lives as coffee pickers in Espírito Santo. Their dream was to someday own their own farm, so in 2004 they bought a small piece of land and began planting coffee trees to start their crops. After five years of extremely hard work and dedication, they expanded their land, their crops and built a house on the plantation. The following year, they began pulping their own coffee on a neighbouring property, and by 2013 they had purchased more land and processing machinery to continue producing high quality specialty coffee.
A dream imagined, a dream realized.
Rancho Dantas is a pulped natural coffee consisting of Red and Yellow Catuaí. Grown from clay-dense soil that’s rich with organic matter, Mr. Antonio is constantly analyzing for correct fertilization, soil correction and quality.
With humble beginnings, the family’s goal now is to have their name recognized as producers of specialty and microlot coffees. Yet another dream realized and shown through this beautifully approachable cup. Enjoy!