Las Palmas "El Fondo" - Colombia - (Short Term/Single Origin)

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Finca Las Palmas and Producer Chalo Fernandez are no stranger to Pilot. Not only are Chalo’s coffees consistently in our single origin lineup, they’ve been featured across our blends (including our decaffeinated Catalyst bend), instant coffee and cold brew. Their sustainable farming practices and innovation processing methods make Las Palmas coffees just as pleasant as Chalo is to be around.

Lot El Fondo also falls into that crowd-pleasing category, and its depth of flavour is a testament to the skill and care provided at origin. El Fondo was hand picked, pulped on site and fermented for up to 36 hours. This process helps develop those sweeter notes while maintaining a pleasant level of acidity.

We’re thankful to see El Fondo return and continue a strong presence of Las Palmas at the roastery.