Kiaragana - Kenya

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Kiaragana Coffee Factory is located in Kirinyaga county: home to the volcanic red soils of Mt. Kenya and some of the best coffees in the world. It’s also uniquely located in a tea-growing zone. The factory is affiliated with the Mwirua Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd. whose local members are trained in sustainable farming.

This lot consists of only the ripest, hand-picked SL28 and SL34 cherries – varietals that are synonymous with Kenyan specialty. Once delivered to the factory, cherries undergo wet processing to remove the skin and mucilage, then they are left to ferment in tanks overnight. This helps break down the sugars, develop sweetness, and build complexity, before being spread out to dry on raised tables.

Kiaragana has bold, tropical characteristics and displays the very best of SL-series coffee varieties. A Kenyan coffee lover’s dream!