Kiamugumo - Kenya

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We were first introduced to Kiamugumo in 2018 during a visit to reputable coffee exporter, Dormans in Nairobi. It was a coffee that immediately jumped off the table, so when a new lot became available earlier this year, there was no hesitation.

The Kiamugumo factory is one of three factories operated by the New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society (F.C.S.). The co-op includes about 1,500 contributing members who deliver their cherries as soon as they’re picked. Their coffees are then sorted, depulped, fermented for up to 24 hours and washed four times before drying on raised beds.

Kiamugumo factory has been a powerful force for good with the local farming community, focusing on training, sustainability and incentivizing high quality coffee production from co-operative members.

In short, this is a classic Kenyan coffee: bright, lively and nuanced fruity sweetness. A vibrant cup that will surely catch your attention!