Frinsa - Indonesia

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The Frinsa Collective is located in West Java and centered around their family-owned estate that is led by Wildan Mustofa. The "collective" refers to the family's purchasing of coffee from neighboring small scale coffee farmers, who sell their cherries to be processed and dried by the Mustofa family.

West Java is a region with a tropical climate, active and extinct volcanoes and a highland area (Priangan Plateau) that is home to the Sundanese people. The elevation, conditioned varieties, and weather lends this region to producing the highest quality coffee in Java, and throughout much of Indonesia.

Javanese coffees have long been distinguished for their earthy and savoury characteristics. This is in part contributed by the climate and the mix of varieties grown, but also due to a specific post-harvest processing style called Wet-Hulling, or locally known as Giling Basah, which imparts much of the unique qualities these coffees have.