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At a time where travelling to origin has slowed to a halt, having like-minded importer partners is vital to sourcing new and exciting specialty coffees. Such is the case with this round and flavourful lot from Finca Miramar which was imported by our friends at The Coffee Republic. Founded just last year by a Salvadoran ex-pat living in Toronto, The Coffee Republic helps roasters establish equitable relationships with high-quality, sustainable producers in El Salvador. Finca Miramar happens to be their personal family farm which is ideally located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano looking out to the Pacific Ocean.

Most Salvadoran specialty coffee is grown on volcanoes where the ash and sulphur impart complex acidity. Finca Miramar has the added natural benefits of an ocean breeze off the Pacific (‘mar’ means ocean and ‘mira’ means look) and shade from macadamia and peach trees that slow maturation and increase the natural sugars.

We’re incredibly excited and grateful to share a new Salvadoran coffee with a little help from some new friends.