**LIMITED** El Diamante - Guatamala

The Villatoros are a dedicated family of coffee cultivators who have been featured prominently in our single origin lineup. Aurelio first brought us the vibrant microlot, Campamento Alto and his brother, Florencio has swiftly followed up with El Diamante - an instant crowd pleaser from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.

Finca El Diamante is located in a remote valley near the small town Agua Dulce. Florencia Villatoro has been farming here since the age of 13 when his father gave him a small lot as a gift to start his own coffee farming operation. Now at age 53, he has put a tremendous amount of care and attention into his land to produce with exceptionally high quality.

This coffee is an all-around crowd pleaser for every type of palate. Expect sweet citrus and classic chocolates notes with a lingering, buttery mouthfeel. Truly a cup you can enjoy any day, or every day!