**LIMITED** Kabirizi - Rwanda

COOPAC is a Fair Trade–certified cooperative that has grown from 110 to 8,000 contributing members since 2001. Their coffees grow at high altitude in the rich black volcanic soils of the Virunga hills where rain comes throughout the year. These optimal conditions, natural resources and high standards for processing – in this case, at Kabirizi Washing Station – make COOPAC the premier outfit for Rwandan coffees.

Beyond their commitment to the highest quality coffees, COOPAC supports a long list of environmental and social sustainability initiatives. They provide agroforestry education to all its members, distribute cows, goats and shade trees to enrich the land and avoid soil erosion, and aid in the construction of schools, clinics, roads and local women and youth development programs.

This coffee is a perfect example of what can be achieved when excellent conditions are provided for both farm and farmer. Look for unique characteristics of lime and toffee to come through in this truly memorable cup.