Catalan De Las Mercedes - Natural - Guatemala - (Short Term/Single Origin)

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When risks are taken, boundaries can be broken and expectations surpassed. That is the story of producer Nicholas Hammond’s decadent natural coffee. When Nico first proposed the idea of a natural five years ago they simply weren’t being exported from Guatemala. It was assumed naturals were low quality, mistakes were too easy to make and defects were inevitable. Up for a challenge, Nicholas skillfully persisted and Catalan ‘Natural’ now returns for the third time with Ana Sora levels of infamy.

Catalan ‘Natural’ was grown at high altitude where only the ripest cherries were hand-picked and dried on raised beds. From there on, the cherries were watched over meticulously to ensure they dried evenly and avoided mold growth which would devastate the entire lot. The result is not your average cup of coffee - immensely sweet, fruit-forward, complex and wonderfully heavy.

For the risk-takers, this is a coffee you won’t soon forget.

This coffee features the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, which helps to assure environmentally and socially responsible production and harvesting practices. The seal is awarded to farms and forestlands that meet the rigorous criteria of the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard or the Forest Stewardship Council. Find out more at