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Located in the mountainous state of Chiapas near the Guatemalan border, this coffee, and the residing Bella Vista community, are shining examples of quality and dedication in the face of many economic and agricultural challenges. In Bella Vista you’ll find a group of 110 women producers known as Café del grupo de Mujeres (or ‘Women’s group coffee’) that are led by the remarkable Rosalba Cifuentes Tovía. Together, this network sells their coffee after picking, processing and caring for their crops.

These women do it all, and they do it with a tremendous amount of skill and care.

Growing coffee is the sole source of income for these producers, so ensuring fair price is a literal game changer. Our friends at the Balam Coffee Project, who introduced us to the Bella Vista community, have been a powerful force for stability and economic justice at origin. They connect like-minded roasters with small-scale farmers like Café del grupo de Mujeres to ensure they receive the prices they deserve for their high quality and delicious coffees.

Bella Vista is very drinkable with a medium body and tropical undertones. A beautiful cup from one of Mexico’s premiere growing regions that we’re proud to feature!