Sitio Pedregulho - Brazil - (Short Term/Single Origin)

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The mountainous region of Espírito Santo is perhaps the most unique coffee-growing landscape in all of Brazil. Its rugged, clay-dense terrain lends itself to selective hand-picking cherries, which makes for a higher quality harvest. And the tropical, humid conditions brought the innovation of the pulped natural processing method. This is where cherries are peeled or ‘depulped’ from their skins and left to dry with the mucilage intact. Unlike honey processing - which by practice is similar - the pulped natural method was invented to speed the drying process and lower the risk of defects. The result we found in this lot is a more developed sweetness with creamy characteristics.

Sítio Pedregulho is operated by Claudiene Matavelli, a descendant of Italian immigrants who arrived in Espírito Santo over 100 years ago. With the help of her husband, children and elderly father who live on the farm, the majority of the daily tasks are managed solely by the family. For Claudia, it’s important they stay intimately involved in the process to be reminded of their roots and the dedication of their family members before them.

In an environment that requires highly skilled and meticulous practices, Sítio Pedregulho delivers. A classically delicious cup with a pleasant, round body that is hard to say no to!