San Miguel - Costa Rica

San Miguel is brought to us by Cup of Excellence winning producer and Direct Trade partner, Juan Ramon Alvarado Rodriguez. He and his sister, Natalia Gomez have been operating the Brumas del Zurquí micromill since 2004, but their family has been producing coffee for well over a century. It’s at this mill, however, where their reputation as pioneers in honey processed coffees began.
Honey processing is when the coffee cherry is depulped, but the mucilage is left around the coffee bean to dry. There are different classifications of honey processing which involve analyzing the coffee’s sugar levels and the amount of mucilage left on the coffee bean. San Miguel is a red honey process which means a good percentage of the mucilage has been left intact to develop striking sweetness and complexity. Sr. Alvarado’s talents are not limited to his keen understanding of growing and processing coffee. He is also co-founder of Exclusive Coffees where he exports boutique coffees worldwide with his partner, Francisco Mena of Sumava de Lourdes fame.