Los Altiplanos - Nicaragua

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Ever wonder why we say “a cup of java”? Look no further than this Indonesian coffee varietal! Java comes with a complex history, but is named after the island of Java and is sought after for its complex cup profile, often resembling Gesha.

Similarly, Nicaragua has a complex political history that stymied coffee agriculture until somewhat recently. However their natural growing conditions and microclimates have made Nicaragua home to many unique and unforgettable coffees.

Finca Los Altiplanos is located in the Natural Reserve of Cerro Datanli-El Diablo, a source of rich biological heritage with primary forests, exotic birds and lush vegetation. This family operation, led by Ricardo Cuadra Fajardo, have been committed to their community and the environment since the mid 90s, and specialize in natural processing.

A very exciting new region, farm and varietal to add to our lineup!