**LIMITED** El Quizarra 'Lot Limon' – Costa Rica

In 2011, Carole Zbinden opened a micro-mill on her family’s property. Shortly after, Carole met our co-founder, Andy on his first trip to Costa Rica where he purchased coffee from her family’s farm El Quizarra. Since that first visit our admiration for Carole and her commitment to sustainability continues to grow.
Located in the Central Valley, Carole’s mill and farm use innovative systems to reduce water and energy consumption, including water-saving eco-pulpers and composting programs that uses the organic waste from coffee processing to further enrich the soil.
Limón is a west-facing, Red Caturra lot from Finca El Quizarra and the first of two releases from the farm this year. Their coffees always receive an extremely high level of care and have known to be consistent fan favourites for their consistency and unique flavour profiles.
Another fantastic cup from a long-standing producer partner that is dedicated to quality and sustainability.