**LIMITED** Kiunyu - Kenya

This coffee was produced by various smallholder farmers of the Karithathi Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). Consisting of around 1500 members, these farmers carry out all agronomic practices and initiate their own environmental conservation projects, including minimizing water waste. Through the FCS members have access to training and technical advice in an effort to increase their yields.

During the harvest, farmers selectively handpick the ripest, reddest cherries, which are then delivered to the Kiunyu wet mill (locally known as a ‘factory’) located on the southern foothills of Mount Kenya. This area is known for its deep, fertile and well draining red volcanic soil. At altitudes of 1,600+ metres above sea level, it has all the characteristics for ideal coffee production.

We cupped this lot at the Dormans Coffee cupping lab in Nairobi this February and it was one of our highest scoring coffees. During our stay we cupped over 400 coffees, and were fortunate to leave with some beautiful coffees, including this one.

Kiunyu is an SL28 varietal - one of Kenya's most highly regarded coffees - and is bursting with notes of green apple and black tea, a crop also cultivated in this territory.