Ana Sora – Ethiopia

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A consistently notorious roast, our most sought after single origin and quite possibly the coffee that introduced you to Pilot Coffee Roasters has returned. Ana Sora from the famed Guji Zone is back!

Ana Sora is a natural processed heirloom varietal from one of the few privately-owned farms in Ethiopia. Owner Esrael Degefa sorts cherries with precision in flotation tanks to separate the underripe cherries. The very high altitude slows maturation to a crawl and imparts incredible vibrance and complexity in the cherries. Followed by an impeccable drying process, this coffee just has all the characteristics to create an unforgettable cup.

Strawberry notes are Ana Sora’s hallmark feature. In fact, it is so fruit-forward we should state that nothing has been added to influence the flavour of this coffee, and we never would. It’s just an incredible expression of how adventurous specialty coffee can be.